Past – Performers

Dear all,

I am looking for performers for a video/performance piece based on ancient Greek tragedian Aeschylus’s play „The Suppliants“. I would be especially happy to work with BIPoC and/or queer folks with or without refugee status. (Fyi I am queer and white with no recent migration history in my family).

Shooting will hopefully take place in shut down Tegel Airport with dates beginning of 2021 (or tbd).

I will apply for funding for this project. As always, no one knows how much money will be acquired through that (or if any at all) but I will pay everyone something.

I have built the framework of the script myself in order to put it up for debate. I don’t claim for it to be final and am happy for any input from anyone who will partake in the project. Furthermore the process is ideally a collective one. I will try my best to have everyone be heard and seen and represented in a way they feel comfortable with.

Please get in touch for further info.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
instagram: @louisa.boeszoermeny