Berlin-based Projects/Communities

Here are some other Berlin-based projects and communities you might find helpful.

The aim of *foundationClass is to provide equal access to formal art education for people who have fled or migrated to Germany and are affected by racism. It is a program for artists and designers in exile who want to study in Germany, who have fled to Germany and/or applied for asylum. The program is part of the weissensee school of art, Berlin.

Berlin Mondiale is a Berlin-wide network of cultural practitioners and artists of urban practice in the context of migration, asylum, and exile. They aim to work in a radically diverse, collaborative, and informative way.

coculture is a non-profit association serving as an umbrella organization to initiate and develop artistic and social projects. coculture’s main objective is to address different facets of the challenges faced by displaced cultural producers through a broad scope of projects and activities.

The Critical Diversity Blog is a project of the working group Critical Diversity at the UdK Berlin. It collects reports, conversations, texts, and artistic contributions on diversity and anti-discrimination. AG Critical Diversity is a group of UdK members working towards a new diversity policy for the university and raising awareness of the related topics. 

Dis:orient is a collective dedicated to issues around West Asia, North Africa and the region’s relations in global contexts. Their perspective is inspired by postcolonial and feminist approaches. They aim to address issues and perspectives that are often marginalized; through an online magazine and various events. 

Each One Teach One is an intergenerational team of Black, African, and African diasporic people. It is a community-based education and empowerment project in Berlin. As part of the federal program Live Democracy!, EOTO is active in the structural development of the federal agency for the prevention of racism and the empowerment of Black people.

GLADT is an organization of Black and PoC lesbians, gays, bisexuals, Trans*, Inter*, and queers in Berlin. They work against racism, sexism, trans*- and homophobia, ableism, and other forms of discrimination. A special focus is on the topics of multiple discrimination and intersectionality, meaning the overlap and interactions of different forms of discrimination and their specific resulting experiences.

I.D.A stands for intersectionality.diversity.antidiscrimination. It is an autonomous student initiative founded by the AStA Department for Antidiscrimination and Intercultural Affairs and other students at the UdK. It aims to build a network of students to generate more transparency in and access to higher education policy. Seminars and workshops are also organised to raise awareness.

Interflugs is an autonomous, self-organized student group at the UdK Berlin. It channels the resources of this privileged academic context to challenge its discriminatory structures, offering to the community services, information, and support to develop their own projects and initiatives. Interflugs organizes equipment to lend, video/audio editing rooms, project funds, workshops, lectures, events, etc.

International Women* Space is a feminist, anti-racist poltiical group with refugee, migrant, and non-migrant women as members. They fight against patriarchy and intersectional discrimination, and document everyday violence, racism, and sexism. They host workshops and organize demonstrations to bring their demands to the streets. 

LesMigraS is engaged in antidiscrimination and anti-violence work, offers counselling and a space for self-empowerment. They advocate for a society in which all aspects of the life and identity of lesbian, bisexual women inter* and trans* people are accepted and appreciated. They do not only refer to sexual orientation, but also to belonging to different social, religious, and cultural groups. 

NAWARA is a collective of migrant artists, activists, and researchers with ties to the NAWA region and committed to an intersectional queer-feminist praxis. It aims to build and bridge spaces for critical reflection, engagement, knowledge production, and creative dissemination. It provides North-Africa West-Asia communities in the diaspora and the region with relevant interdisciplinary research, coaching, training, and consultancy.

Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit e. V. is a non-profit voluntary association founded in 2013. With large spaces and daily programs, they generate a social and artistic platform for exchange, learning, and engagement for the neighborhood. They don’t help, they learn from each other. Their goal is to actively shape the society and to create new opportunities for political and social interaction without hierarchy.

The Silent University is a solidarity-based knowledge exchange platform by displaced people and forced migrants. It is an education platform outside of the restrictions of migration laws, language limitations, and other bureaucratic obstacles; led by a group of lecturers, consultants, and research fellows. The participants develop lectures, discussions, events, resource archives, and publications. The Silent University isn’t based in Berlin, but has its branches currently in Hamburg, Ruhr, and Stockholm. 

As a non-profit organisation, Wir Machen Das uses various projects in the fields of arts and public relations to advocate for support, participation, and the recognition of diversity in the context of refugee movements and migration. They aim to improve career prospects, educational offers, and networking opportunities. They foster individual resources and create opportunities for exchange.

Women’s Welcome Bridge connects women refugees with female volunteers living in Berlin. It is about meeting and supporting one another, learning from and living with one another. It informs about advice, education, and leisure that is on offer for women refugees in and around Berlin, and provides useful up-to-date information.