Common Ground Studio

Applications are only possible in the summer/fall for the following academic year.


The Common Ground Studio is a support program for artists who fled or migrated to Germany. It offers access to the Institute of Fine Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts to people interested in Fine Art studies. 

Eleven participants have now been embedded into one of the ‘Fachklassen‘ (specialist artistic classes) for one academic year – from October to mid-July. The participants can use this time to prepare their portfolio for the formal study application, to better understand the Fine Art program of the UdK, as well as develop their own artistic practice.

Fine art studies at the UdK are largely self-directed and the CGS broadly reflects this circumstance.  We encourage all CGSlings to invest time, connection and effort into the space of the CGS, as it enriches the collective experience of program.

This academic year, the CGS wants to expand it’s scope and further examine what type of collaboration and community is possible within the art academy. During the this time, the CGS will also be putting on various public facing events. See the Common Ground Instagram for all announcements.


The Common Ground Team meets regularly with the eleven participants to check in on each other, foster exchange, and create our own ‘Fachklasse’ experience. We offer support, knowledge, and guidance. We also plan to do workshops for the participants and help them prepare for their application to the UdK & other art academies in Germany.  


A ‘Fachklasse’ is the studio where fine art students continue their studies after the 1st year – they are led by professional artists and all have unique ways of working. The CGSlings gain guest auditor status and can join class meetings, studio projects, and also receive tutoring from the professors. They integrate the CGSlings as much as possible into the daily life of the studio. How the ‘Fachklassen’ work with their CGSlings is up to them and reflects of the individuality of each ‘Fachklasse’ at the UdK. We hope that each ‘Fachklasse’ can offer them a workspace in their studio.

‘Fachklassen’ participating in 22/23:

‘Fachklassen’ that participated in 21/22:

‘Fachklassen’ that participated in 20/21: